Who We Are

Delivering health, not just health care is our promise to our community. Be a part of an organization that makes a difference in a BIG way by impacting the lives of each other and the communities we serve.

From the clinical providers to the logistical support, everyone is delivering a semblance of care in our community through their role. As an organization that puts patients first, anchoring ourselves in Love and Excellence, this delivery of care and commitment of being excellent today and even better tomorrow make us all caregivers here at ChristianaCare.

We Serve Together


We commit to being exceptional today and even better tomorrow.
We seek new knowledge, ask for feedback and are open to change.
We use resources wisely and effectively.
We are curious and continuously look for ways to innovate.
We are true to our word and follow through on our commitments.

We anticipate the needs of others and help with compassion and generosity.
We embrace diversity and show respect to everyone.
We listen actively, seek to understand and assume good intentions.
We tell the truth with courage and empathy.
We accept responsibility for our attitudes and actions.

Every one of our 13,000 employees at ChristianaCare is referred to as a caregiver. Each caregiver is valued for their unique contribution to the health system, their team and our community. Being a caregiver with ChristianaCare gives you the opportunity to make a difference and impact the lives of those around you. Everyone here has access to new opportunities and professional development. The behaviors associated with our values are real and everyone is committed to living them daily.

The ChristianaCare Way

We serve our neighbors as respectful, expert, caring partners in their health. We do this by creating innovative, effective, affordable systems of care that our neighbors value.

When we lead with love, excellence is inevitable.

Protected health information (PHI) and HIPAA compliance

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