Inclusion and Diversity

Empowering All of Our Caregivers

Dynamic and Diverse Workforce

We are proud to have a Dynamic and Diverse workforce comprised of caregivers from a wide range of cultural and professional backgrounds. This diversity is a key strength that drives innovation, collaboration and a deeper understanding of inclusive perspectives. By embracing and celebrating our differences, we are better equipped to serve our communities.

We Embrace Diversity and Show Respect to Everyone

People with Disabilities

As a disability-friendly organization, ChristianaCare is committed to creating a work environment that is inclusive and accessible to all caregivers, including those with disabilities. We recognize that individuals with disabilities may require accommodations to perform their duties and to fully engage in our organization. We are committed to providing such accommodations as necessary to ensure that everyone can work to the best of their abilities.

Learn more about our support for individuals with disabilities.

LGBTQ+ Community

ChristianaCare actively works toward creating a culture of belonging. We welcome and support all of our caregivers, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. We prioritize educating our organization about LGBTQ+ experiences and promoting policies to protect our caregivers from discrimination, harassment and bias.

This commitment extends beyond the workplace and into our communities, where we advocate for equal rights and opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community.

Learn more about our Pride Celebrations.

Veterans & Active-Duty Personnel

We are committed to supporting our nation’s veterans and active-duty personnel by recognizing the valuable skills and experience that they bring to the workplace. We understand that veterans may face unique challenges transitioning from military service to civilian employment, and we are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive work environment where everyone is enabled to thrive.

Learn more about how we support veterans and active-duty personnel.

Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives

Employee Resource Groups

Providing connection, inspiration and a forum for caregivers and their supporters with common bonds, interests and backgrounds, our many employee resource groups (ERGs) were formed by our caregivers as a way to share information, ideas, concerns and solutions.

ERGs at ChristianaCare exist to promote an inclusive experience engaging all caregivers to unleash their potential by:

Enhancing professional development for members.

Creating a sense of community and work culture where all people are valued, empowered and given opportunities to contribute.

Driving business objectives and goals to create an exceptional caregiver experience.

Which one will you join?

Caregiver Interfaith Alliance (CIA)
First Year In
One Generation
Physicians Diversity Alliance (PDA)
ChristianaCare Salutes!

Additional Inclusion and Diversity Information and Resources

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity is a constantly evolving journey to strive for the most equitable professional environment we can create, which will, in turn, help us to offer the most accessible, effective care possible. Here are some additional ways in which we strive to realize our objectives:

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